Risk/Opportunity Analysis

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Risk/Opportunity Analysis

Aspect Advisory can perform a review of your global, regional or local intercompany transactions, policies, business processes and results to identify areas of potential risk or opportunity.

For mature organisations, having a fresh set of eyes perform a review of your transfer pricing system can yield significant opportunities, as well as uncover potential risk areas that have not previously been identified. Opportunities or risks can arise where the underlying business has seen changes over the years, where local legislative changes have not been effectively assimilated, or where transfer pricing policies have been systematically rolled-over from year-to-year for many years without active reconsideration.

For newly formed organisations or with the introduction of a new business line within an existing organisation, performing a risk/opportunity review before the intercompany transactions commence ensures tax-efficient and risk-managed transfer pricing positions upfront.


Q – How does a risk/opportunity review work?
A – During Phase 1, Aspect Advisory reviews high-level company information to understand the business, tax profile and broad intercompany transactions and policies. Based on this review, we outline a strategy for Phase 2 which is a more detailed review of areas with a greater degree of potential risk or opportunity. We then present our findings, feedback and recommendations.

Q – Do you charge a fee for a high-level risk/opportunity review?
A – We undertake Phase 1 work as part of our investment to get to know you better. We undertake Phase 2 based on a fixed fee arrangement developed with you upfront.


To request a Phase-1 risk/opportunity review or discuss further, contact c.lehman@aspect-advisory.com