Benchmarking, in one form or another, is necessary to support the arm’s length nature of your organisation’s intercompany transactions.

We work with companies to analyse internal data and to calculate necessary adjustments to develop an appropriate benchmark where relevant. We also use third party databases to develop profitability or transactional benchmarks for economic support purposes.

We typically use the following database tools:

  • Bureau van Dijk – to anlayse third party financial results
  • KtMine – for analysing IP transactions
  • CUFTanalytics – to assess intercompany financing transactions

Other databases are used on a case-by-case basis, depending on the jurisdictional sensitivities and specific client requirements.


Q – Can we perform the benchmarking ourselves in-house?
A – We support the varied benchmarking needs of our clients – everything from conducting a full search for a new comparable companies set, to giving you full control by applying very specific search strategy instructions at your direction. We can also update the financial results of previously identified comparable companies.


To discuss your company’s benchmarking needs, contact