Whether you are looking for resources to support your team, or are looking to completely outsource your company’s transfer pricing compliance, Aspect Advisory can work with you to build your transfer pricing documentation system, processes and output.

Chronicle© is a system developed by Aspect Advisory to assist companies in all aspects of the preparation of transfer pricing documentation and related compliance:

  • Information capture
  • Financial data analysis
  • Economic analysis and benchmarking
  • Transfer pricing documentation – Master file and local files
  • Management analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t need a new system for our transfer pricing documentation – can you simply work within our current framework for preparing documentation?
We work with companies in the manner that best suits their individual corporate needs – we can work within your company systems, or ours, or any combination that is most effective and efficient.

Is Chronicle© a software program?
Chronicle© is a system used to capture, assess, analyze and document a corporate group’s transfer pricing framework, processes and results. Technology solutions are being developed to move Chronicle onto a fully integrated online platform.


To discuss your Group’s transfer pricing documentation process and output, or to hear more about Chronicle©, send an email to