Rwanda: New transfer pricing rules

Rwanda: New transfer pricing rules On 14 December 2020, Rwanda passed a Ministerial Order establishing new transfer pricing rules (“TP Order”) replacing the earlier 2007 regulations. The TP Order outlines how article 33 of the 2018 Income Tax law – which requires transactions between multinationals be carried out under the arm’s length principle – is [...]

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Italy – New transfer pricing documentation rules effective FY 2020

Italy – New transfer pricing documentation rules effective FY 2020 On 23 November 2020, new transfer pricing rules (Italian Commissioner Decision no. 360494) were introduced to replace the September 2010 requirements. These new rules are effective from financial year 2020 and apply to all resident organisations and permanent establishments situated in Italy. Alignment with extant [...]

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Denmark: Submission of transfer pricing documentation now required

Denmark: Submission of transfer pricing documentation now required Earlier this month the Danish Parliament passed a bill that now means taxpayers will have to actively submit transfer pricing (TP) documentation to the tax authority each year. This requirement is effective for tax years starting on or after 1 January 2021 and submission must occur within [...]

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Vietnam: New transfer pricing regulations

Vietnam: New transfer pricing regulations were released on 5 November 2020 and apply for financial year 2020 and going-forward. Transfer pricing benchmarking There have been some interesting changes directly related to transfer pricing benchmarking: Commercial databases are now explicitly referred to as a valid source of comparables for both taxpayers and tax authorities. "Secret comparables" [...]

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Turkey: DRAFT Communique for Transfer Pricing Documentation

April 2020: Turkey Draft Communique issued for public comment. The Draft Communique provides detailed information related to  Transfer Pricing Documentation Requirements. The outline is based on the three tier system recommended under OECD's BEPS Project Action Item 13, covering requirements for a Master File, Local File and Country-by-Country Reporting. The Local File is similar to [...]

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Denmark: Draft Bill Introduces Submission of Transfer Pricing Documentation

Denmark: Timely preparation of documentation not enough     A draft bill was announced in mid-September 2019 by the Danish Ministry of Taxation that would require the submission of transfer pricing documentation with taxpayers' annual tax returns, for tax years beginning on or after 1 January 2020. Under the provisions of the draft bill, if [...]

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One way to mitigate risks associated with key transfer pricing personnel leaving the company (and taking their knowledge of the issues with them)

Tax audits can be difficult enough without facing a situation where the tax team that was in place at the time the tax returns were prepared have since moved on. We had a client reach out to us this week who is in the beginning stages of a tax audit of the group's Italian operations. [...]

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Luxembourg Cases Highlights Documentation Importance

Luxembourg: Recent cases highlights the importance of timely and complete transfer pricing documentation to support intercompany pricing arrangements. Source: Luxembourg Times; Alessandra Cea, Transfer Pricing Senior Manager PwC Luxembourg; Marc Rasch, Transfer Pricing Partner PwC Luxembourg In case law n °, 40348 (22 October 2018), a Luxembourg entity received a shareholder loan bearing an interest rate of [...]

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